Additional Terms (Rules) Payment Methods

The Rules (for example additional conditions, codes of conduct, guidelines, instructions and policies) of the Payment Method Provider apply to the use of the agreed Payment Method (s). The Rules of the different Payment Methods are included below with a hyperlink.

By signing the Agreement, you declare that you are aware of and agree with the content of the Rules and the applicability of these Rules to the Agreement and to your use of the Payment Method.

The Rules can be changed by the Payment Method Provider. If you do not wish to accept the change, you can cancel the Payment Method at any time. If you continue to use the payment method after the effective date of the change, your agreement to the change is assumed.

Credit Card
MasterCard Rules impacting processors and merchants
Visa Rules and Policy
Terms and Conditions for American Express Card Acceptance

GENERAL NOTES on the iDEAL Rules & Regulations

Bancontact Payconiq Company
Payconiq Merchant Terms & Conditions (Professional)

Legal Agreements for PayPal Services

Payment conditions B2B
General terms and conditions B2B

Legal Agreements for Klarna Services

Online Überweisen
Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen

T&Cs for using Paysafecash


Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen der GiroSolution GmbH für Händler