CURO Payments facilitates payments for a large number of customers. If you have any questions regarding a transaction, you can use the form below to request more information.

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    Why does my bank statement refer to CURO Payments?

    CURO Payments is a Collecting Payment Service Provider (CPSP) that securely processes online consumer payments and transfers these payments to the seller that has facilitated your purchase.

    Why has CURO Payments withdrawn money from my bank account?

    You have purchased goods or services from a webshop. CURO Payments supplies financial transactions between you and the website where you made your online purchase. You can find information on the beneficiary of your transaction on your bank statement. If you have any further questions regarding this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    I have purchased a product or service that has not (yet) been supplied. What should I do?

    If you have not yet received your product, you have two options: Your bank statement provides information about the beneficiary of your transaction. With this information you may contact your supplier and inquire about the delivery or if your product has been delayed. If you are unable to get through to your supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will contact the supplier without further delay and get back to you as soon as possible.

    About CURO Payments

    CURO Payments is a Collecting Payment Service Provider (CPSP). CURO Payments provides you a with a safe and secure way to make online payments. You can easily book your holidays, buy that concert ticket, or deliver that bouquet of roses to a loved one, just to name a few examples. We offer the online seller the opportunity to balance their electronic cash register and we make sure the payments are securely transferred to your online supplier. CURO Payments is an fully licensed Payments Service Provider and regulated by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).